Music Production and Engineering Services

Self- taught Fort Worth, TX music producer Joshua Ray Young constantly climbs the ladder with plans of becoming one of the most wide-ranging music producers of his era. The 25-year-old single handedly operates his own music production company “Milky Beatz Productions” where he works with up and coming artists as well as his own musical endeavors. 

Young grew up in a home where hip-hop was not allowed which left plenty of room for him to explore a variety of other genres from country and soul to 80’s electro. While admiring notable music producers like Alan Parsons, Semaj Foreman, and Ski Beatz hip-hop became the genre that helped him acquire a sound that has the "potential to sell on an international level" according to the GoDjs in Dallas. After producing the single “My White Gurl” for Dallas, TX hip-hop/pop female artist Imyounik, he received full production credit for the track and landed a feature in OZONE Magazine. 

Josh has also prepared film scores to three independent movies (Zompyres: Texas, Zompyre Rising, Paperthin) working with Matt Whiteley (Writer of Jobs) and Jordan Funderburk (Jobs). He still works hard to develop a sound that will attract artists from all genres and is now accepting demos from artist looking to work.